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Wholesale and retail delivery of truck tires and wheels
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The Alato Tire Company on B2B

     The B2B-Сenter electronic trading center is the leading electronic trading platform in Russia for purchases and sales in the business-to-business (b2b) segment. 

     Тhe trading platform was created in 2002 by the JSC "Center for Economic Development" (CED). More than 240 thousand companies use B2B-Center services. Customers get ample opportunities to organize electronic bidding in accordance with their corporate standards and features of the purchased goods or services. The platform allows you to conduct purchases of all main types - contests, tenders, auctions, requests for prices and proposals, competitive negotiations and use numerous additional settings: multi-lot, qualification selection, rebidding, positioning, multi-criteria and others. 

     Work at the B2B-Center allows suppliers to expand sales markets and gain access to orders from the largest Russian companies. New tenders are constantly announced at the site - more than 3,500 procedures are carried out daily on various topics: energy, petrochemistry, metallurgy, automotive industry and others. The legal significance of actions on the site is ensured by the electronic signature - its use is mandatory for users. B2B-Center constantly confirms its status as a pioneer in the electronic trading market by offering new additional services that make working on the site truly convenient.


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